• Ethan Benge

Unique Alternatives To Your Morning Brew: Healthy and Energizing

Updated: Jul 10

Coffee is a go-to in the morning for a lot of people, they use it to wake up and to keep going throughout the whole day. However, coffee is loaded with tons of caffeine, almost no health benefits, and potentially high levels of sugar if you choose not to drink it black.

For those reasons many people try to avoid coffee as much as possible or not to drink it at all. Don’t worry though, you have better options to get your boost of energy and to keep your body healthy.

Here are a couple of alternatives to coffee that are delicious and healthy for you!

Yerba Mate

This is an excellent choice when trying to find a replacement for your morning coffee, because not only is it full of caffeine to get you going, but also very healthy for your body. Containing 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and polyphenols, Yerba Mate is a naturally caffeinated leaf from South America. Yerba Mate can easily be brewed at home or bought already brewed at most convenience stores.

Health Benefits:

  • Boosts metabolism, supporting weight loss.

  • Rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

  • Boosts physical energy.

  • Increases mental clarity and focus.

  • Strengths immune system.

How to make at home:

  1. Choose whether you would like to use prepackaged yerba mate bags or loose leaf tea.

  2. Steep the tea for 34 minutes in just under boiling water; do not over steep or the tea will become bitter.

  3. Strain tea and enjoy!


Naturally packed with caffeine and polyphenols, Guayusa is a super-leaf that can provide you with focused energy. Unlike most leaves that have a bitter taste when brewed, it is naturally smooth and sweet. Along with the caffeine and polyphenols, the super-leaf also provides antioxidants and is rich in chlorogenic - which is great for weight loss!

Health Benefits:

  • Boosts metabolism, supporting weight loss.

  • Aids digestion.

  • Aids elimination of and reduces constipation.

  • Balances blood sugar and supports diabetics.

  • Boosts physical energy.

  • Increases mental clarity and alertness.

How to make at home:

  1. Bring water to a boil.

  2. Pour water over leaves and steep 47 minutes (longer for a darker brew).

  3. Strain into a cup and enjoy!

If using loose leaf, it is recommended to use 2 grams of Guayusa per 8oz of water.


A simple blend of adaptogenic mushrooms - reishi, chaga, lions mane, and cordyceps - plus cacao, chai, turmeric, cinnamon, and sea salt. This coffee alternative gives you natural energy and focus, without the jitters. With all of the different organic mushrooms and ingredients mixed into together, this drink packs a powerful health booster to your day - MUD/WTR could be your new morning ritual!

Note: None of these mushrooms will cause a psychedelic trip.

Health Benefits:

  • Supports memory and focus.

  • Rich in antioxidants and nutrients

  • Strengths immune system

  • Boosts physical energy

  • Supports the digestive system

  • Balances pH

How to make at home:

  1. Bring water to a boil

  2. Add a tablespoon to the water

  3. Stir and sip!

  4. Pro tip: Try adding honey, milk, or even some bourbon

Matcha Tea

For a great sugar-free replacement for coffee, you should consider Matcha! Matcha Green Tea is a nutrient-packed leaf that is ground into powder form and then added to water for an energizing and healthy drink. Not only will you receive the caffeine you need from this leaf, but it is also full of health benefits; unlike normal green tea, people who drink Matcha will ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water, which gives you the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea benefits.  

Health Benefits:

  • Balance blood pressure.

  • Rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

  • Lower cholesterol.

  • Support healthy teeth.

  • Increase mental clarity and alertness.

  • Balances pH.

How to make at home:

  1. Bring water to a boil.

  2. Add 12 tablespoons of Matcha powder for every 24 ounces of water.

  3. Whisk together until frothy and thoroughly mixed.

There are a lot of options when looking for an alternative to coffee. Most of them are packed full of healthy benefits for your body and still give you the same boost as you would get from your morning cup of joe. Give them a try, not only will you enjoy them, but your body will too! 

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