• Courtney Lynn

Living a Healthy Lifestyle During a Pandemic

Everyday we are experiencing a revolving door of new, unprecedented challenges related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some of us are buckling down indoors while working from home, while others are working tirelessly to keep our lives functioning as normal as possible. Though it’s looking like the COVID-19 health crisis is here to stay (at least for a little while), that doesn’t mean we should give up on ourselves! Since so much is uncertain and ever-changing, take comfort in the things you can control. Living a healthy lifestyle during a pandemic is not an easy feat, but we have a few tips and tricks to make it easier.

A New Lifestyle Doesn’t Mean a New Routine

It truly seems impossible to think about what your life was like before the coronavirus. Back in lockdown, we all enjoyed being able to shape our schedules around the needs of the day. We didn’t have to worry about achieving what would usually be expected of us! However, society is slowly returning to the same hustle and bustle as usual and that leaves a lot of questions about what to do next.

If you’re not working from home, you will be back to commuting; either way, your work is going to be the most familiar aspect in adjusting to this new lifestyle. For this reason, your routine is very important. As long as you continue being productive, you won’t get stuck in a motivation rut.

Sticking to your routine also includes keeping your physical health consistent. Don’t forget about your body’s well-being! Find some time to work out in a way that is comfortable for you, whether that’s cardio, weights, or a walk around the block. Keep moving to stay healthy!

We also have some advice on how you can maintain a healthy weight during the downtime of this pandemic.

Keep a Healthy Distance

This blog is all about living through a pandemic, and a large component of that is doing our part in taking proper preventative safety measures. You might be tempted to get-together in large crowds to finally celebrate a graduation, or go out to a public spot outside just because you are tired of being stuck indoors; however, we can’t just dive in without thinking about social distancing.

Remember to stand six feet apart from people that do not live in your household. It’s also very important to wash your hands constantly. Most of these measures are already implemented into anywhere you may be visiting, such as grocery stores.

The most important task is to wear a mask when you are in public spaces. You can pick up bundles of disposable masks in numerous locations including grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies. I highly recommend investing in a few reusable masks like these, which you can wash with your clothes. This not only reduces your risk, but it’s a more sustainable practice!

Staying Social While Practicing Social Distancing

We will see this through and make it out the other side, but until then, we still should prioritize staying connected with the people in our lives. We are so lucky to have access to technology that allows us to stay in touch with anyone at any given time!

Time is not stopping, even if it feels as if it’s slowed during this pandemic–but birthdays, graduations, and special occasions are all still happening, so be sure to celebrate in a way that is careful and conscientious to the coronavirus climate. For example, video conference parties and game nights are some of the most trending social gatherings suggestions right now!

If doing something by yourself is more your speed, then why not try learning a new skill? The limit to what you can accomplish is endless; you just have to be creative about it.

This Pandemic, Do Your Best to Be Productive, Safe, and Social

You can make living a healthy lifestyle during a pandemic possible! Safety should be your top priority; thinking about yourself and others is what is going to get us through this. When you do find yourself going out, face masks are a must. Do your part in implementing preventative measures and keeping people in your community safe! When you can stay-in, we recommend taking advantage of virtual and drive-in social events if you are looking to connect with people outside your household.

You can take a breath of relief that life is starting to get back to how things used to be, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to settle into the new normal. To help, we suggest starting a new activity to spice things up when they seem a little stale. Think about this: what will you be doing next?

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