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Discover Changeri and It’s Amazing Benefits

Changeri—also known as Indian penny wood, creeping wood sorrel, creeping oxalis, and sleeping beauty—is an Indian herb with several unique benefits. Its slightly acidic and warm properties, mixed with its high vitamin C, B, and potassium content, make it a powerhouse herb. If you are in need of a quick headache remedy, stomach ache help, IBS management, and much more, then read on to learn more about Changeri and its amazing benefits!

What Changeri Can Do For You

In taking a deeper look into the Changeri herb, its many special qualities may be just the thing you need to help solve your problems—both internal and external. Whether you struggle with digestive issues or stubborn skin, Changeri may just be your unlikely source of remedy.

1. Changeri leaves promote better digestion.

Traditionally, Changeri has been used to remedy a wide variety of gastrointestinal issues, such as indigestion, constipation, flatulence, heartburn, peptic ulcers, and acid reflux. A result of its potent carminative nature, formulations containing Changeri assist in breaking down the food particles in the stomach and intestine, enhance the secretion of digestive fluids, and ultimately increase the absorption of essential nutrients through the intestine. It also helps alleviate more minor gastrointestinal inconveniences, like gas and bloating.

2. Treating IBS can be done through the use of Changeri.

Typically, irritable bowel syndrome is caused by unhealthy dietary decisions, consumption of difficult-to-digest food particles, intake of low nutrient foods, and other emotional and mental factors. The use of Changeri herbs can greatly subside these symptoms and for some, serve as a total treatment for the disease.

3. Changeri can combat skin infections.

The abundance of antioxidants in the herb have proved highly effective in removing harmful free radicals from the body. In doing so, its antipruritic nature alleviates the itching caused by such infections. Changeri can also lessen the appearance of skin infections, such as eczema, scabies, patchy skin, acne, sunburn, and more. Turning the herb into a paste is a great and easy way to receive such benefits!

4. Changeri can be a tool in managing Anorexia Nervosa.

This disorder takes place in the form of self-starvation. In many circumstances, it is attached to mental health issues, such as the fear of gaining weight, low self-esteem, and an intense desire to reduce weight. Being that Changeri serves as a natural digestive aid, its consumption improves appetite and helps to better ensure that those with Anorexia Nervosa eat properly.

5. Fight bad breath with Changeri!

More than being a turnoff, bad breath can be a sign of poor oral health. Gum swelling and dental decay both serve as potential causes of bad breath. Luckily, the antiseptic and antimicrobial nature of Changeri helps to prevent such issues, leaving your breath fresher than ever before.

6. Changeri can cure the common headache.

The herb holds a high significance in providing relief from chronic headaches and tensions. Commonly, headaches are a result of excessive workload, stress, and high anxiety. Using Changeri can help soothe your irritated nerves, as well as calm the brain and improve nerve function.

7. Consider sleeping troubles a thing of the past.

Changeri can be a useful tool for those battling insomnia. Consumption of the herb helps to reduce levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, which not only lessens feelings of person stress, but also improves the quality and duration of sleep.

Is Changeri Right For You?

After discovering all that Changeri is capable of, implementing it into your own life may prove beneficial to your health. Whether it be stress reduction, a headache remedy, or anything in between, Changeri may be just the remedy you need! As with any medication however, it should be taken with caution and best when used under the supervision of your healthcare provider. Although there are minimal side effects found thus far, individuals must be careful when beginning to incorporate Changeri into their health routines. With that being said, if Changeri proves right for you, let this powerhouse herb be your superhero in your next time of need.

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