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A2A2 Milk: A Better Alternative?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Growing up, most of us have heard that drinking cow milk helps build strong bones due to the calcium and essential vitamins it contains. Although, a lot of people are not capable of consuming cow milk, whether it is due to dietary issues or personal preference. Cow milk now has different options to choose from: combinations of the proteins A1 and A2. The two proteins together, A1A2, is the standard milk that most people buy in stores.

A2 milk became popular when it was discovered that cows have two types of beta-casein proteins, which are A1 and A2. The difference between the two are as small as can be, but that difference plays a huge role in how one’s health is affected. The A1 protein carries the histidine amino acid, and the A2 protein carries the proline—one very small difference that changes digestion and health for the individual. So, what are the different types of milk, and is A2A2 Milk a better alternative for those that have allergies, digestive issues, or want better health?

The Difference of A1 and A2 Milk

A1 Milk is said to cause more gastric issues for those that consume it. A lot of the symptoms are similar to those that have a lactose intolerance. The A2 Milk company has stated that A2 Milk is the healthier alternative for those who suffer from blood sugar concerns, digestive issues, heart health issues, an intolerance to dairy, and even issues with focusing. A1 Milk has been suggested to take longer to digest, which can further cause discomfort. Farmers and scientists have found that some cows only carry the A2 protein and decided to create milk with only the A2 protein to help.

The Protein in A1 and A2 is called Casein, with one being rougher on the digestive tract than the other, according to Gundry MD.

A2A2 Milk

Now, fast forward and there is another option available. Rather than the A1A2 standard milk and the A2 milk, there is now the option for A2A2 milk, which provides all the same nutrients that is in regular milk, but without the stomach pain. Standard milk includes proteins, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamins A, B, C, and D. All essential, but it does not help if drinking milk causes you pain or discomfort. So, companies like Homestead Creamery have taken the A2 discovery to the next level by creating a milk that has a copy of the A2 proteins and created A2A2 Milk. This way, the consumer not only gets their essential vitamins and nutrients, they also do not have to worry about the pain or discomfort.

The Evidence

There are a lot of claims that A2 milk or A2A2 milk is the healthier alternative for those unable to drink milk. It is said that A2 milk is more comparable to breast milk, which is better for humans. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of evidence backing it other than people claiming it helps. The testing that has been done to state that the A2 protein is the healthier alternative is based on the studies and testing on rodents. There has not been enough human trials and tests to have scientific grounding, just promises from the companies selling A2 and A2A2, that it is the better and healthier alternative.

If you are someone like me that prefers a milk alternative such as soy, oat, or almond milk, or has not enjoyed cow’s milk due to allergies, digestive, or health issues, the A2A2 milk might be something you should try. So, is A2A2 Milk a better alternative to regular milk or A2 milk? Taste it and find out if it is the milk that works best for you.

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